Instagram Favorites: Foodies

I’ve got a new little series starting over here called “Instagram Favorites”. I think we can all agree that Instagram is quickly climbing the social media favorites “ladder”, and with the exception of sharing my blog posts on my Facebook Page, I don’t do a whole lot over there anymore. What do people go to Facebook for? Pictures. And now with Instagram, you see most of them there first, which I love.

I follow a lot of people on Instagram because I’m constantly inspired by peoples style, parties, flowers…oooooh…pretty pictures. (Imagine me as a fly, headed towards the “light” also known as Instagram). I love the ability to edit photos even though I usually edit in other programs (VSCOcam and Afterlight). I just love Instagram, and if you need inspiration, I’m going to start sharing some of my favorite Instagram accounts here in the series ‘Instagram Favorites’.

So let’s get started with 5 Instagram Foodies You Should be Following.5 foodies

Starting off…

1. Honestly Yum

HY.collageInstagram Username: honestlyyum

Honestly Yum is a destination for food, cocktails, and all things YUM. (This is also a by product of the blog, Honestly WTF which is great too).

2. Hugh Achesonha.collageInstagram Username: hughacheson

Not only does he love ATL and the Braves, but he opens great restaurants in GA, bringing some awesome and modern cuisine to the dirty, dirty south. Native ATL’iens like myself love Hugh.

3. Bon Appetit Magazineba.collageInstagram Username: bonappetitmag

It’s what they do. Food, that is. You should follow Bon Appetit because they’re food is pretty, just like their magazine.

4. Eating Bird FoodEBF.COLLAGEInstagram Username: eatingbirdfood

Okay, I know I may talk about EBF a lot, but it helps that I know and love Britt who created Eating Bird Food. And her healthy foods are nutritious and delicious. So follow her, k?

5. Cooking LightCL.COLLAGEInstagram Username: cookinglight

One of my favorite magazines that comes in the mail is Cooking Light. They have lovely recipes and I haven’t made a bad thing from the magazine yet. Their instagram is usually totally unique images not in the magazine, so check them out too!

I’ll definitely have to do more ‘foodie favorites’ because I have way more Instagram Foodies that I love. But 5 is good for now. Now go follow all of them, k?

Want a quick link to their Instagram pages? Click on their names below!

Bon Appetit, Cooking Light, Eating Bird Food, Hugh Acheson, and Honestly Yum. Oh, you should also follow me while you’re there! Heck…you’re going anyways…

click here —> loveyabeanit


3 thoughts on “Instagram Favorites: Foodies

  1. One person to NOT follow for foodie pics is Martha Stewart. (Seriously, Google Martha Stewart Instagram food pictures if you want to be grossed out.)

    Also, I have a suggestion if you get around to other types of Instagram accounts to follow!

    • haha, i’ll have to check out ol’ martha! I do love her magazines though, but she doesn’t take the pictures obviously.

      What’s your suggestion? Musicians to follow? Already have it planned 🙂

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