Blog Swap: 6 Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Newlywed Friends

Hey everyone, Bean here! Special treat in store for you today. Remember when I teamed up with the folks over at Wedding Party to share some NEW Bachelorette Party ideas? Well, we decided to join forces again, only this time we decided to do a Blog Swap! So today, Stephanie from Wedding Party will be sharing some Gift Ideas right here at Love Ya Bean It. And don’t miss my post on Wedding Party today, where I spill about giving wedding toasts! Now I’ll toss it over to Stephanie, hope y’all enjoy!

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie, and I run the Wedding Party blog, which is the company blog for Wedding Party. I’m here today to share a few tips for how to be a thoughtful wedding guest; specifically, how to choose that perfect wedding gift for your about-to-be-newlywed pals!

I’m in that time of my life where everyone is starting to get engaged and slowly but surely, wedding invites are starting to fill up my mailbox! I love supporting my friends and trying to be the best wedding guest I can be, but I’ve honestly never been that great at gift-giving. When the holidays roll around, you’ll probably find me wandering around Target on Christmas Eve with a clueless expression on my face. So figuring out perfect, thoughtful wedding gifts for all the weddings I’m going to this summer is a little stressful!

Don’t worry though: if you’re like me, there’s hope for us yet! I’ve racked my brain and done a little bit of research to find thoughtful wedding gifts, and I’ve found a few that I think are great ideas for any wedding guest to give to their friends! Take a look and find the perfect wedding gift for your next celebration…

1. A cute picnic basket filled with champagne, artisan spreads, and chocolates. It’s a cute, thoughtful way to help make their first picnic as a married couple memorable!


2. For the caffeine addicts: a year-long coffee of the month subscription could be the perfect gift! They’ll love you for perking up their weekends with new, exciting brews every month.


3. Give the couple the gift of a clean house! Get them weekly cleaning services for a month or two, so they can just enjoy time together and be married without worrying about pesky housekeeping and chores.


4. What would your friends love to do every weekend, if they could: go to the museum? See their favorite sports team? Take cooking classes? Get them a membership or season tickets for their weekend haunts.


5. Have their wedding invitation professionally framed. It’s a great keepsake for the couple, and turns their invitation into a gorgeous display piece for their new home!


6. Turn your favorite memories with the couple into art. You can easily create a photo book of your best pictures together with a service like Blurb or Artifact Uprising. Or, you can get them a canvas print of your fave photo. The possibilities here are almost endless and always thoughtful!

artifact_uprising_wedding_bookArtifact Uprising photo book photo via Cupcakes and Cashmere

I’m sure there are a lot of other great thoughtful wedding gift ideas out there, but I particularly loved these six. I mean, how smart is it to give housekeeping as a present?! Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for the next wedding gift you have to buy!

What thoughtful presents have you seen before that you loved? You should let me know…because I certainly would love to hear your favorite ideas! Tweet me @wedding or comment here to share. Big thanks to Kathleen/Bean for letting me share some wedding thoughts with you guys today, and happy gift-giving!


5 thoughts on “Blog Swap: 6 Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Newlywed Friends

  1. I gave my sister and her husband the framed invitation…they loved it! It was difficult to find the right size, and I had to find a frame that had two spaces, (one for each the front and back of the invitation), so I went to a specific art supplies/frame store, where I had it custom framed. It was one of their favorite gifts…I highly recommend this one!

  2. You have some wonderful ideas in here. I love the one about giving the couple a clean house for a month or two so they can spend more time together. Thanks for sharing!!!

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