Popcorn & Prosecco

It’s awards season! Now, I’m certainly no Rachel Zoe or whatever, but I love seeing what people wore to the different award shows. And, David and I see a lot of movies, so I’m usually interested in who won what. So for a surprise Sunday post, I’m sharing a fun idea for a girl’s night tonight or any night really. Prosecco and Popcorn…combining Davids favorite thing–popcorn–with my favorite thing, Prosecco. Jk…


photo 1

I would put out your favorite popcorns and maybe a little sweet treat, like these peanut butter filled pretzels. Then pour your favorite prosecco or wine in pretty glasses for everyone. Get comfy and settle in for the awards (or a movie night if you don’t care about awards season).

photo 5  Some of my favorite popcorn recipes are Pumpkin Pie Popcorn, Garlic Parmesan Popcorn, Lemon Thyme Popcorn, and of course, Kettle Corn.

photo 4

And don’t forget to check out E! Online’s “Every Reaction GIF You Need for the Big Night“, and here’s the complete list of Nominations for the Golden Globes tonight. I’m personally rooting for 12 Years a Slave, GIRLS, Orange is the New Black, Parks and Rec, and Breaking Bad. I am rooting against Big Bang Theory and Gravity in case you want to know what I don’t like. Happy Sunday everyone!


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