Dottie Magazine Launch!

I’ve only mentioned to a few folks that I’ve had a couple little writing gigs on the side (outside of this blog), but this project is so exciting, and it’s finally time to share! When I was approached by a fellow blogger and friend, Lacy (the ‘Home Editor’ for Dottie) to write for the inaugural issue of Dottie Magazine, I knew I couldn’t turn it down. I was asked to write a post almost as a “how-to” for flea markets, titled “Tips for Snagging Hidden Gems”. It came together really nicely and I’m so proud to be a Dottie Magazine Contributor.

dottie coverDottie is a digital women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine that teaches you ways to live fashionably at an affordable price. Our goal at Dottie is to connect with a budget-conscious market that includes the recent college grad, the twenty-something professional or the stay-at-home mom.  Through our website and bi-monthly digital issue, we provide the everyday fashionista with ways to live an upper-class lifestyle without paying a high-end price.”

Here’s the Editor and Chief, Rachel Sigsbee, telling you a little bit more, enjoy!

You can view the whole magazine at this link, and make sure to check out pages 106-107 for yours truly! (sneak peek below)


This was so fun (and I really enjoy flea markets and antique stores as you’ve probably learned here, here and here), and I really hope y’all enjoy it as well. Ladies (and gents), tell you’re friends about Dottie! It’s gonna be big!


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