Gift Guide for This Twenty Something Lady

Thank you guys for all the well wishes this week for my Birthday! Now, let’s check out the loot! I loved ALL of my gifts this year, and am so thankful!

29th bday

1. Design Sponge Book
design sponge

2. Gold Seychelles Bootiesgold boots

3. Cheese Knives and Marble Serving Board

cheese knives

white-marble-server4. Gold Monogrammed Mug


5. Gold Rimmed Glasses

gold glass

6. Metal Strawsmetal straw

7. Candlecandle

8. Wooden Bowlstondo-3.75-small-bowl

9.  Measuring Cupsmeasuring cups

10. Copper Pitcher

copper pitcher

11. Lunch Tote

linen tote

12. Southerners Handbook


13. Enamel Loaf Pan

loaf pan

14. Heart Gloves

glovesClick on any of the images for the sources so you can get this stuff too! What a great Birthday, thanks again for all the love! xoxo


5 thoughts on “Gift Guide for This Twenty Something Lady

  1. Wow, did you every get some nice things! Lucky you and Happy Birthday. That enamel loaf pan is so nice looking. I received some metal straws like that from my husband for Christmas and I love them.

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