20 Something Lady- Cat

I’ve got such a special treat because my lady friend who is sharing today is one of my nearest and dearest lifelong friends.

If you’ve spent any amount of time with me, you’ve surely heard me talk about my friends, Cat and Dot (and chances are, you’ve probably met them). They’ve been my best friends since our softball days at Murphy Candler, then after going through middle and high school together and spending every summer at camp together (constantly glued together basically), I immediately became part of their family…a triplet…a sister from another mister…all of that. Cat is like a sister. We’ve shared so much together and if I wrote as much here as we used to write in each other’s yearbooks, y’all would probably stop reading soon. After living together briefly in 2007-2008, we’ve moved to separate regions of the country. Being a 20 something lady is all about exploration and figuring our lives out, and man do I wish Cat and I were doing that in the same geographic area. But like most best friends, we don’t have to see each other often to know you always have that love and ability to take care of each other, even from a distance. So without further ado, meet Cat, my best friend.


Hey there blogging world! My name is Cat, and this is my lady post.  First I just have to send some love to all the amazing women I am lucky enough to call my friends, my girl’s club, and my lady group.  And thank you Miss Beano for making this happen!cat and beanThis past year has been a crazy one, so I decided that for this New Year’s I would finish my post, and hopefully sew some seeds for the New Year!

To say the least, 2013 has been a roller coaster of a year.  Last summer, I made a bold move and quit my full time job up in the mountains (Education Coordinator at a non-profit nature center) and moved back to Boulder.  I loved what I was doing, but the location, workload, and tiny salary just didn’t cut it.  Little did I know that the next 6 months would become a giant pile of cover letters, edited resumes, and failed attempts at networking.

But despite the job/career/professional portion of my life being completely up in the air, I have a lot to be thankful for.  On November 6th, my best friend and love of my life, Bradley Jorgensen, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  There were tears, laughter, and of course a big YES!!cat and bradWe also adopted a puppy in October, something we have wanted to do for so long.  Gunner is a border collie/lab/who-knows mix and the absolute sweetest blessing of a dog. puppyI also have an amazing twin sister and best friend, Dot, who finally lives close enough that we can hang out and do nothing and not feel like we are wasting time.  Did I mention she also got engaged this year? Oh and adopted a puppy, too.  So much for our argument that we are nothing alike! Dot, I think this means we can start wearing matching outfits again! Yay! turkey headsThis year I also became an Aunty! Last August, by big sister Mary Beth had her first child, a beautiful baby girl named Athena Grace.  I’m so happy for my big sister and she’s already like the most amazing mom ever.babyThose are just some of the many wonderful things I have to boast about, and yet somehow it’s so easy to start listing the things that burden me: my job situation, my small apartment, not having a master’s, not knowing what I really want to “be”.  Or asking questions that really have no answer: Where are we supposed to move next? How will we afford a wedding? When will we be ready for a family? Why is my puppy eating so much dirt? (Hehe, that one may actually have an answer…)

 I think that’s how most of us girls would sum up our twenties: a series of ups & downs, questions & answers, and lots and lots of changes.  Luckily, with my amazing group of friends I’ve had enough love and support (and glasses of wine) to get through all the crazy fluctuations.  Sometimes I look back at my twenties and I see that classic image of a wastebasket with all the crumpled pieces of paper over flowing in the corner of the room.  Ideas that seemed like brilliance one day turn to “seriously, what was I thinking?” the next. One day I tell myself “Cat, you need to grow-up and be more mature, and stop telling people how unicorns are your favorite magical creature.” The next day I have an epiphany that I need to let loose, be young, and quit caring what other people think.

The truth is, I am a kind, honest, talented, and happy person! I paint, I draw, I sing, and getting older just means getting better at all of those things. That is who I am and who I want to be.  I just forget it sometimes.

So what’s answer? Why is life the way it is? If I had to guess I would say this: stop asking. Trust in the universe and it’s intentions for you; be proud of your talents and don’t be afraid of your own light; quit wondering what will happen and just make it happen.

My 2014 New Year’s/New Moon intentions: To listen to my own advice; to let my light shine; to honor the wise old woman that’s deep down inside, along with the wild child that’s still deep down, too.Hello last year of my twenties!! Phew, it’s been fun.

Bean again! Thank you so much Cat for sharing your llife in detail with the folks that read this blog! It’s amazing how inspiring it can be to just know that in our 20’s, we don’t have to have IT ALL together, and that we’re all soooo different and yet, so much the same! We struggle so much to figure everything out (relationships, career path, money, travel, settling, kids, lifestyle, etc.) and we often realize we’ve wasted precious moments because we’ve been so busy worrying! Cat as always, gives great advice and I hope y’all felt that.


3 thoughts on “20 Something Lady- Cat

  1. amen little lady! such a good reminder to kick off the new year. (and it’s good to know other twenty-somethings have those same swirling incessant thoughts/worries…just gotta learn to release ‘um!!!)

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