David and I got a juicer for Christmas, and when we got back home and all unpacked, I was so excited to open it up and start juicing. Then I realized that our fridge was empty after being out of town for a while, AND I had no idea how to begin juicing. So there’s that.

So today, I set off to start my research, and I’ve learned so much! With the help of Just Juice and Pumps and Iron, I think I am almost ready to hit the grocery store to stock up on juice-able veggies and fruits.

My biggest questions revolved around what CAN’T be jammed into the juicer? So I made this little handy guide for you to have/hold/marry/pin.

eggplantEverything else fruit and veggie related seems to be pretty much fair game. It may be nasty, but it can be juiced. The other thing I wondered, “what can go in there whole?”, and here are some of those fruits. Most veggies can just go in, but fruits seem to be a little more finicky. Yeah, I just said finicky.

kiwiHey, who knows, I’ve never tried yet. But I know the enzymes from juice are really great first thing in the morning when your body is ready to absorb whatever you put in, so I’m hoping to prepare enough to get some fresh vegetable and a little fruit juice at the start of most days. Are any of you out there big juicers? Have any juicing 101 tips for me? I’ll let you know how it goes, and hopefully share some recipes too!


7 thoughts on “Wow…Juice.

    • oh I see now, hah. I’ll be interested to see what other discoveries you make!! Certain juicers like some plants more than others (mainly changes how easy it is to clean). Can’t wait for you to try the cold-pressed juice @zealfood !!!

  1. I know some types have a harder time with ginger (which is delicious) and hearty greens, like kale. It seems like different models yield different amounts of juice from different things, so you have to play with the speeds or run them through a few times to get more juice.

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