Tis the Season…for Cookies!

holiday cookiesI have 5 events this week (3 yet to come) where I have to bring something. And sure, it’s easy to pick up a box of cookies at Whole Foods or Trader Joes, but I really enjoy baking, and I don’t have a reason to that often. But the holidays are the best time of year for showcasing your hobbies like baking, so around 7pm last night, I was at the grocery store grabbing all the stuff I need for a cookie-baking-night.

Now cookie baking nights generally involve a lot of dough-eating, which held true last night, and once the cookies are made, I’m always like, “I’ll just have one–I ate 3 spoonfuls of dough”. But this morning when I had better photo light, game was back on. And I already had a cookie…with my coffee.

So here are our two family specialties and “similar” recipes. Can’t be giving out family secrets 😉

First up, a delicious Ginger Snap (which is one of my favorite cookies of all time–because I prefer a crunchy cookie). Here’s Alton Brown’s recipe (not too far from mine).

Ginger Snaps

Like I said, I almost always prefer a crispy cookie to a soft cookie and these call for a 9-12 minute baking time. I usually go for 13-14 mins just to get them crispy in the center, before the edges get dark.

The other holiday favorite? We call them Snowflake Cookies, and the dough is delicious. The cookies are pretty amazing too. Here’s a really similar recipe via Martha (she’s always trying to rip off my family recipes…not this time, Martha….mmmwwwwhahahahahaha.)

photo 1 photo 2So there we have it folks. These would make great gifts, by the way. Cookies from me to you, virtually. Feel free to check out lots of other desserts I’m gonna make one day on my Dessert Pinterest Board (follow me while you’re there), or check out dessert’s I’ve shared here on the Recipes page! Happy Holidays!


3 thoughts on “Tis the Season…for Cookies!

  1. We have snowflake cookie batter in the fridge right meow, mom only made half the batch I think the left the dough because she knows its my favorite!! Oh and if you wanna bring some ginger snaps home with you this weekend… I wouldn’t hate it…

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