5 Links to Share

Alrighty folks, it’s Friday. And I love that. My Christmas cards are going in the mail today, I’m not traveling this weekend (that’s a first), and I’m hoping to hit up Columbia’s Crafty Feast this weekend. But before all that begins, here are some links to share! Happy Friday!December 5 links to share

instagram linkFirst, want to know more about Instagram Direct, I know I did.
Is it the Snapchat of Instagram? 

lemon cookiesAlso, I want these lemon cookies. Now. But I’ll wait and make something like them for my work holiday party next week.
kate spade giftsKate Spade gifts starting at $25? Perfect stocking stuffers (or gifts for lady group holiday parties)!

student loansTips for getting out of college (or grad school) debt free.

12 tipsAnd lastly, 12 tips for looking better in pictures (out and down, ladies!) There are bound to be lots of family and friend pics taken this time of year, and here are some helpful tips. No one likes untagging FB pics as much as I do 🙂




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