Decorate with Holiday Pine Cones

Um….Is pine cone one word or two? I’ve looked it up and think it goes both ways. For this, and because spell check doesn’t agree with one word, I’ll go with 2. 

I grew up in a house that had about 8 million pine trees around it. And when we were little, my parents used to pay us a penny a pine cone to go pick all of them up so that my dad could mow the lawn more easily (or because we did something bad–then we didn’t get the pennies).

So I’ve always loved craft ideas with pine cones and prior to this year, the only one I could really think of was the one where you slather a pine cone in peanut butter and dip it in birdseed. Bam. Birdfeeder. But thanks to the wonderful internet, I’ve got lots of ideas for all of my newly collected pine cones (Thanks Mom!).holiday pinecones header

Pinecone Holiday Craft 3 Pinecone Holiday Craft 1 Pinecone Holiday Craft 2

Which ones are your favorite? Garlands? Painted? I really like the wreath with upside down pine cones because I haven’t seen that before.

Not sure what I’ll choose, but I have a lot of pine cones in a bag that my dog desperately wants to gnaw on. So…I need to do something, quick.


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