Boutique Fitness Review

holiday fitnessWhat do we talk about around the holidays? Gifts and food? Let’s not forget a little thing called “ourselves”. Sure, we don’t need to get all self centered, but we could look out for ourselves and our health throughout the holidays—am I right?

So for about 3 months, I’ve been a ‘pay-per-class’ member (so, not really a member I guess) at a new gym in Columbia, Jamie Scott Fitness. I tend to not commit to gym memberships because Golds and other mega gyms tend to make you sign your life away. People cancel credit cards and close bank accounts just to get away from their gym membership fees, folks (and I think they can still track you down, btw).


But this is a new kind of gym. It’s got a couple workout studios–one large room for most of the classes, one spin studio, and a back room that looks like a torture chamber/Christian Gray’s bedroom, that is used for personal training, wall yoga, barre, and things of that sort.

Wall YogaBody Circuit Training Class

So there’s not the typical 800 machines, and therefore there aren’t 800 people using machines. It’s a gym of classes and personal training (my kind of gym b/c I’m never motivated to go workout on my own unless I have a plan–I just wander around watching other people and pretend I’m doing stuff), so it’s a relative small place, but I’ve really enjoyed all the classes. They’re unique and most of them involve free weights mixed with cardio, which is what I prefer. Last night I took a spin classes that also involved your arms and we used medicine balls most of the class.

Plus JSF really realizes the importance of awesome music when you work out. If I go to a class and the music sucks, I probably won’t go to that teacher again. But when someone has good (current) music, it really makes you move. You can sing along (outloud of in your head), which helps take your mind of how bad your buns are burning.

So, if you’re in the Columbia area, you should try a class. They’re fun, fast paced, and you’ll sweat for sure!

*all images are from the Jamie Scott Fitness website except the one of my sweaty arm, I took that one. 🙂


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