Gift Guide: Outdoorsman

We all have that man (or woman, but in this case, man) in our lives that lives for the outdoors. City life is okay to visit, but they truly feel like themselves when they’re hiking, exploring lush woods, or asking their wives if they can sleep in a tent in the backyard when it’s nice out …cough cough…my husband…cough…cough. The outdoorsman has mastered how to make fancy ramen, how to make delicious meals by only adding water,he thinks trail mix is delicious, and he could sleep under the stars any day.

Since I have a mountain loving man in my life, I had to start with gift ideas for those fellas.So here’s the first of the gift guide series: Outdoorsman. We all know one, don’t we? Or someone that pretends to be one? So here ya go!

holiday giftsoutdoorsmanJ.Crew Shirt/Tabletop Stereo/Mr. Porter Nylon Backpack

REI Butterfly Chair/Travel Backgammon/Jetboil Travel Stove

Barlow Knife/Blue Overnight Duffle/Timex Weekender Watch




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