Out With the Ugly

David and I have been on the hunt for clothing storage for a while now. We share one dresser and it’s pretty full, plus we share the “closet room” (remind me to take better pictures), which works well, but we have plenty of things that don’t get hung up that we don’t have space for. Oh yeah, and we didn’t want any more Ikea things, since well…they’re pretty generic and some of which can be overpriced (for what you’re getting). We’re graduating from Ikea here and there, ya know? But, when I saw this dresser on Craigslist for $60, I was like, that’s a good deal.

dresser 002So I went to see it (nothing too great, pretty beat up, but the drawers worked and I knew I could clean it up), and bought it. Got it for $50 btw, so that’s even more savings. But then we put it in our bedroom and both stood back and said, “it’s so ugly, isn’t it…”. So I told David I’d scour Pinterest for ideas to make it prettier and less…um…fugly. And so I did. Here’s what I found.

dresser 003

So, this was the inspiration. I liked the white because it brightened it up and normally I’m NOT in favor of painting wood, but I don’t really think the thing we bought was wood. It was some composite material with wooden drawers and wooden legs. So I pinned this picture and sent it to David, in which he quickly texted me back and said, “yes!”. So I took myself on over to Lowes and grabbed 4 cans of spray paint (probably overkill, but I’d hate to make a second trip). Again, spray painting furniture can be a no-no, but this top was plasticky (not a word?), and so I didn’t really mind. And it came out even better because the top and sides now look sort of lacquered, which I love. Here’s the process.

Prep Work Spray and DryDon’t really watch paint dry. That would suck. I just put the dog inside so he wouldn’t inhale the fumes, but he was very confused as to why he would be inside when I am outside. Seems so backwards. I digress…

Oh, and in regards to CLEANING old furniture that wasn’t yours (ew), I took John and Sherry’s advice. Vinegar and a Magic Eraser. (photo from link above).

It’s like magic. It stinks (literally) while you do it, and then the smell of vinegar and any other old-furniture-odors that were there are gone. It’s amazing.

And voila, here’s the before and after!

before and afterSo much better than before (in our opinion). Pretty fun right? Here’s the inspiration picture again, so you can see what we were trying to do. Love the after. And love having more storage. Win win!

how to turn this into this

Here is is one last time.after

ONE LAST THING: Since it’s Friday and I want everyone as happy as I am, you HAVE TO WATCH THIS! If you ever seen Dirty Dancing, you’ll probably cry happy tears 🙂


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