Vintage Holiday Market in Charlotte

When David works on his sermons, I skip town. Okay, that’s not totally accurate. When David is super busy with his sermon, I get out of his hair (that’s better). I can tend to “hover” without really knowing I do it, and so usually when he has to work or write on a Saturday, I’ll find my own thing to do.

This past weekend it was the Vintage Charlotte Holiday Market in NC. I’m listening to a good book on tape so I never mind driving a little ways, plus it sounded like a really interesting event. And it was so worth it!

holiday market sign

holiday marker final 1 holiday market final 2 holiday market final 3

There were lots of LOW-PRICED and well-priced vintage goodies. I bought 2 things but can’t show them yet in case people I know are reading (hey, they could be Christmas gifts–it WAS a Holiday Market people!) Let’s just say one was a pretty fantastic piece of jewelry (so…not for David), and one was a household item. THAT’S ALL I’M SAYING about what I bought. One thing I WISH I bought? 3 stools for $90, needed new upholstery, but they were really pretty. As I was walking to the vendor to ask about them, someone said, “I’ll take the stools–Cash right now!”, and they did. Boooooo.

See more pictures from the event HERE, and follow Vintage Charlotte for upcoming events and news on their Facebook page and on Twitter at @VTGCLT.

I think they’re going to have another one in December


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