Sidewalk Steal

So, I’ll just flood you with pictures because I need your help. I found this table on the side of the road yesterday. I was running and passed it, and thought to myself, I’ll come back with the car and if it’s still there, I’ll get it. Looks like it has nice legs, not sure.

So I came back and it was there. And it DID have nice legs. It is a pretty mid century card table (34×34 top). It has some wood damage/mold on the top but it was totally worth the grab, because well, it was free. I figured I can rip the top off (not too thrilled by the leather top anyway) and replace it, because the legs are the best part and they’re in perfect condition.


table 2 Table

Options for top replacement:

  1. Plywood (Which I have in the basement–cheap and free). Stained or painted.
  2. Get some prettier wood from the hardware store (a pine maybe) and replace the top, and stain it.
  3. Leave the top it has, clean it up, re-stain the piece.
  4. Suggestions?

It definitely needs to be cleaned up regardless of what I decide to do. Like, it can’t come inside until some of it is sanded/cleaned up and the wet, moldy edges are taken care of. How do I do that? Not sure yet.

Any thoughts? I’d love suggestions!


2 thoughts on “Sidewalk Steal

  1. It seems to me that, unless it’s badly damaged, it would be a lot easier to clean/repair the leather than to pull it off so…before you ditch the leather top, try cleaning it with Murhpy’s Oil Soap and let it dry. Then you might be able to dye the leather a dark color for a nice finish…there may be other things you should do…check the web for cleaning/caring for leather.

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