5 Links to Share

5 links time. Here we go.

5 links nov 14

1. Last Thanksgiving, we had a pie contest. This year, I’m not sure if we’re doing it again, but I am looking for an excuse to make this cake.

2. Makeup Tips on Contouring and Highlighting so you DON’T look like a Kardashian. Instead, you look lovely and effortless, like this. Thank you Once Wed, for always bringing lovely and simple makeup ideas.


3. I have winter coats on the brain as it gets colder (yes, even in SC). I’ve got a couple on my Christmas List, and I may just be adding a few more. Here’s 45 Colorful Coats to Wear this Winter by The New Yorker.

4. I loved this idea of photographing shelter dogs to get them homes–take them out of the cages and into the wild! I bet the pups loved the photo shoot, and hopefully will be getting some much needed attention!


5. Last link to share, the link for a Meyer’s Briggs Personality Test. I think it’s fun to do these every couple years and see how you’ve changed (or not). I’ve been an ENFP for a while, wonder what I am now…

Happy Friday Everyone!



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