3rd Birthday

3 YEARSYou can just move on along if you aren’t a dog lover because today is all about our wonderful 3 year old, Colonel Mustard. His birthday is “sometime this week”, (that’s what happens when you adopt), so we’re celebrating him today on the blog! Him and all his cuteness through the last three years.


Colonel Collage 3 Colonel Collage 1 Colonel Collage 2

Want more Colonel Mustard?

Read about his crazy adoption story here and see that he was named in the top “12 Nestie Pooch Names that We Love” on TheNest.com (affiliate of The Knot.com and The Bump.com). He’s basically a celebrity in the dog world. And see how we got Colonel and his “cousins” to do this!

pic dogs

Happy Birthday Colonel Mustard!


One thought on “3rd Birthday

  1. […] 2. LOVEYABEANITAlright, alright, shameless plug I s’pose. But I’ve got cute dog, Colonel Mustard. And if you like cute dogs, you should be following me on Instagram. And keep reading here on this ol’ blog.  Honest! I’ll fill your feed with cute doggie pics! (Check on my feed on the right hand sidebar for a sampler). And plus, how can you not love this guy? […]

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