Hairs Cut

In honor of my 200th post (yesterday), I went and got 200 hair’s cut. Okay, actually that’s totally a lie. I probably got wayyyy more hairs cut than 200, and I actually didn’t even know until after the fact that I’d written 200 posts. So basically I just got a regular ol’ haircut, no celebration here.

So ya know how most people cut their hair short in the summer (because it’s hot), and grow it long in the winter (to keep your head warmer I suppose?). Well, over the past few years, I think I’ve been the opposite. I like to have longer hair in the summer so I can throw it up into a messy bun (aka “Party Bun” amongst my friends), and then I tend to wear it down more in the winter (less frizz, better texture and whatnot), so I like to cut it shorter. It’s blow dry season and for that folks, I need shorter hair.

So I called up my favorite hairstylist I’ve ever had, MiKel at Bombshell Beauty Studio, and asked her for a new Fall do. We really like coming up with new ideas together, and I totally trust her, so we went short. (For those of you that grew up with me at Camp Mikell–pronouced Michael, that is not how you say her name and that is not why I chose her). She’s just awesome at hair! So moving along, here was our inspiration.

Short Hair Inspiration

Shorter than I normally do, right? But I figured my hair grows super fast so why not? It’s just hair! So here it is, all done.

before and after hairYou totally want to call her now to do your hair, don’t you? Come to Columbia, she’s the best! She’s up on the current trends (like the real trends, not just what’s finally trickled down to good ol’ SC…) and bonus, she has great style. A lot of my friends (and my husband) now go to her, and she’s the best. Now I’ll be investing in lots of snazzy bobby pins and clips because my pony tail is so sad. And because I’m all about full disclosure, see? Look how sad and pointy?

Haircut 008So if you’ve got short hair and suggestions, leave them in the comments–I always love tips!


8 thoughts on “Hairs Cut

    • Yeah, I used David’s hair wax today which did a good job on “taming the tips”. It probably just means more clips stuff 🙂 Wish I was going to see y’all tonight–so much to celebrate!

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