Winter (and Fall) Workout Wake Up Call

Well, that time of year has rolled around and the weather is cold outside, and your bed is oh…so…warm. You’ve followed my previous tips for getting an early morning workout in, right? And that went pretty well, yes? But what about when it gets coooolllldd? The thought of putting on even more clothes to workout, and finding your gloves, and just getting-out-from-under-the-covers seems impossible, right?

Well, I’m here to offer a little motivation that I received recently from the good people at Refinery 29.

winter workout

1. Let’s just start by debunking the myth that the metabolism slows down in the winter. WRONG. In fact, it actually speeds up (working harder to keep our cold bodies at a regular body temperature). Makes sense, right? So quit saying that pants get tighter in the winter because of your metabolism.

2.Let’s talk about the real problem. When its cold, we don’t WANT to workout outside (or inside for that matter). So we stay indoors. Preferably under blankets and in baggy sweaters. We watch full series’ on Netflix and order food to be delivered. Oh, so that’s why our pants begin to feel more snug? Yep. Sorry, folks. We aren’t bears and we aren’t supposed to hibernate. And if we were bears, that hibernation would involve not eating and drinking, and let’s be honest, we don’t want that. So what happens? Our bodies get used to being less active in the winter, and they start to store fat.

3. You know what else causes winter weight gain? Stress. Holiday shopping. Driving back and forth with gifts and pies and hors d’oeuvres to different family members houses, lots of family and friends in one place all wanting adequate time to catch up? Yeah, stress makes us eat and drink–sure, not USUALLY in excess, but stress doesn’t USUALLY make us grab for celery and water treats. Get it?

So what do we do about all that?


1. Keep it moving. Even if it’s a long walk or a short jog. Do something. Anything is better than nothing. You’ll feel better and you won’t have as much holiday food regret if you know you plan to “walk-it-off”. Catching up with family over a walk can be really nice, and is beginning to be tradition with my family around the holidays.


2. Eat a little bit less of that pie than you think you might want. Smaller portions of each item throughout this season may help lighten the load, and hey, every bit helps. So if you want two spoonfuls of stuffing, just have one. Or if you want 5 Sister Schubert rolls (cuz afterall, they’re just so tiny and cute), maybe just have 2. Every little bit helps, and you’ll probably be full before you realize it. Wait 10 or 15 minutes before you get more food or dessert, and chances are, you’ll be pretty full.

3. Water. Drink water. (This is a big one that I need to work on).Drink water before these big meals. Before parties. And all season long. All winter we tend to drink less water which is a big no-no. Our body isn’t releasing electrolytes from sweating since it’s colder, so it’s not signaling the brain that it’s thirsty.

Heavier foods + less movement + less hydration = winter weight gain.

There are tons of indoor workouts you can do in the winter also, and also, if you have a larger dog, they force you to get outside and walk them which is really helpful! There are lots of ways to get outside or stay active inside during the winter. Now let’s all try it!


5 thoughts on “Winter (and Fall) Workout Wake Up Call

  1. Well said Bean! I got up this morning and went for a run and warmed up pretty quickly. Definitely worth it. But you already knew that since we live in the same house. 😉

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