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Five links for Friday. Enjoy! Hope everyone has a nice, fall weekend. I’ve got a wedding to get prepped for and can’t wait to tell y’all about all the details next week!

5 links nov 1

Let’s get started.

Subway videoFirst up, even having lived in NYC for several years, you’ll never see it all. Or know it all. The city has so many secrets, which is definitely part of it’s charm. And when I saw this video, I was smiling ear to ear to know that people took the time to “make the day” of the folks who work hard everyday getting everyone from point A to point B…MTA conductors.

Second, these look like the most perfect pair of boyfriend jeans ever. They look comfy and loose, yet work appropriate (if jeans are work appropriate for you). They also don’t have a diaper butt, which I’m definitely a fan of.

The Emily + Meritt Metallic Dottie Duvet Cover + ShamThird, I sort of really want this Emily and Merritt bedding (yes, it’s for PB Teen and no, I’m not a teenager). It inspired my newest background choice, and I think it’s whimiscal and fun. Plus I love bedding that’s mostly white (so it can be easily cleaned/bleached). I don’t need the patterned pillows, but those polka dots and gold stripes…YES.

"knock your socks off" applesauceI really want to try my hand at some homemade applesauce this year. Again, we have TONS of apples right now (for some reason), and I’ve got to get rid of them. So applesauce would be perfect. I think I’ll try this recipe unless you’ve got one that you love! Mom? Don’t you have one?

Lastly, if you need a GOOD scary movie for the Night-After-Halloween (where you sit and eat your kids candy or you just sit and unwind from all the doorbell ringing and dog barking), check out The Conjuring. It is so scary and weird. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have read my post but when we were watching it a few nights ago, our dog was going crazy. Like staring at nothing and not responding when we called. And when he finally responded, it was just a really slow head turn and a really long stare. Creeeeeeepppyy.




2 thoughts on “Links to Share

  1. Beano — you might not be a fan of diaper butt, but I have it on good authority that Mike Ochs is a big fan. #diaperdonk

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