Baked Apple Chips

You know when you go apple picking and you have 8 million leftover apples? Or, hypothetically… if your husband buys a large bag of ‘red delicious’ apples and you think those are too mealy to eat plain so you need to dispose of them or use them quickly?  Here’s an idea that is super quick and easy! If you can operate a knife and you can turn on an oven, you should be good. If you can’t, hopefully you’re just too young to do both of those things. Otherwise, I can’t help you. So here we go with a super easy fall favorite!

Baked Apples

Baked Apple Chips

4-5 Apples (I used 4: one granny smith, 1 fuji, and 2 red delicious) sliced thinly

Cinnamon/Sugar Mixture (I always have this on hand for things like cinnamon toast, or cinnamon pretzels) Just equal parts of each, mixed together.

Cut up Apples and place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Baked LOW AND SLOW. I baked my apples on 275 for 3 hours. I also only sugared one side, but you can flip halfway if you want.

And that’s it. Apple chips. They’re really delicious! I may make another batch and use a pumpkin pie spice.

Bonus: the house smelled like fall, which I love.

Baked Apples 2

Baked Apples


And for a little #TBT, here are some pics of our last Apple Picking Weekend with our besties Mike and Jess (October 2010), where we went to The Midnight Ramble, The Big Pink, and then did some apple picking (or apple throwing…).






9 thoughts on “Baked Apple Chips

  1. See? Even when I mess up and buy the wrong kind of apples, I’m just setting ya up for a blog entry.

    And everybody: when you’re on this blog, don’t throw the apples, k? We’ve got kids here, and if they see adults throwing apples then they’re gonna start throwing apples, and then we’re gonna have apple storms. So please don’t throw the apples.

    Bean: Sorry for posting an inside joke that only about 3-4 other people will think is funny. Actually, only one other person will think it’s funny but he’s probably too busy throwing apples to care.

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