Up Bands: Broken

Well after 6 months of wearing our Up Bands by Jawbone (blogged about here, here and here) every day, and never showering or swimming in them, they broke. Mine broke about 3 weeks before David’s broke, but yep, like clockwork, they both died. No charge. No hard reset. No soft reset. Dead. 

Up band by Jawbone. Tracks calories burned, calories consumed and even tracks your sleep patterns


Yeah. That was a sad day. Lot’s of questions about those little bands, I’ll discuss.

After tracking our steps for 6 months straight, we learned a lot about our patterns. Both of us had 10,000 steps (or 5 miles) as our daily goal, which is what average people should be getting daily. I quickly learned from my UP band that I was a hell of a lot LESS active than I thought.  So it was time for me to come to terms with myself and my expectations for my levels of fitness. Sure, if I went on a 3 mi. + run, I’d probably get my 10k steps. But I have a desk job now, and I had a desk job when I first got it, and so I really had to work to get my steps.

If I wasn’t active before work (walking the dog or exercising), some days it would get to 5pm and I would have around 2,500-3,000 steps. Not good. So I learned that in order to get my 10,000, I usually had to have 2 short workouts/day, or one long one. If you are thinking, “pshhh, forget that”, keep in mind that sometimes my long workout was walking the dog for an hour (around 5,000-6,500 steps), and so that was good for me and Colonel, plus I always have a book on tape. (If my sisters are reading, yes, I’ve turned into mom). So that wasn’t strenuous or stressful–in fact, it was a nice way to unwind. 

So in my 6 months, I learned a lot about myself and my patterns. The slogan for the UP band is something like, “Know Yourself, Live Better” which is perfect. I know how I need to move now in order to get my 10,000 steps, even if I am no longer wearing the UP band.

Q: So you might be asking–couldn’t you just get a $10 pedometer?

A: Yes. But I really appreciated that this also tracked calories in/out and synced with My Fitness Pal, so it was all there for me on my phone. So if I worked out, my stats would change on My Fitness Pal, which was really nice. But now that I know what movement it takes to get to my 10k steps, I don’t need the UP anymore.

Q: So, after 6 months, did you get what you needed from the UP band?

A: I mean, I guess I wish it still worked, but after 6 months, I learned my movements and I learned what I needed/wanted to know. So maybe Jawbone should instead do UP Band rentals for a fraction of the price, because after several months, the data begins looking the same. I think David would agree, but when they died, it was like, “man, my wrist feels weird without that thing, but I kind of learned all that it could possibly teach me”. 

Q: What will you miss most now that it’s dead?

A: For me, I’ll miss knowing how many steps I took during obscure activities (ie not walking the dog, running, boot camp, or any other regular workout I do). For instance, we went on a 3 day hike when my band still worked and I was doing like 25,000-30,000 steps/day (so like 3x the daily amount needed). This explains why hiking is such great exercise! But without my band, I would have had no idea what hiking looks like in regards to steps taken/calories burned. Or over the summer I took a Zumba class with the band (which is a class I don’t normally do), and in 45 mins, I’d taken almost 8,000 steps (and burned like 600 calories). Who knew I was such a vigorous dancer! 

Q: Will you replace the band?

A: I don’t think so. I think Jawbone has some updates to do before I’d buy it again. I mean, it wasn’t cheap, ya know? So it was great for 6 months, but like I’ve said, I kind of learned myself.

Q: Do you hate Jawbone now?

A: Not at all! We even have a Jambox that we LOVE!  In fact, they have some of the BEST customer service out there.They helped David and I fix our bands (they had crapped out prior to their final death) before, and they have been really super! Plus did I mention how ugly it is? Y’all know I like to accessorize, but a black plastic band doesn’t really “match” with anything unless you’re wearing these other plastic bands. 

Paw Prints Rubber Bracelets

And I’m not. 

So there ya have it! Feel free to ask other questions in the comment section! 


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