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Trying to be semi regular with this since there is so much greatness out there on the internet, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to show you something you haven’t seen yet. The links this week run the gamut like usual, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Hope you enjoy!

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First up, this NY Times article on whether or not you can read people’s emotions from just seeing their eyes. I always thought that studies like this were really interesting, plus, there’s a quiz! See how well you do and let me know in the comments. I got 26/36, which is “normal” I guess.

Squash Pasta with Yogurt, Peas and ChileNext up, this recipe for Squash Pasta with Yogurt, Peas, Pine Nuts and Chile. We made this this week and it was seriously so good. We used greek yogurt (Fage 0%) for some added nutrition/protein, and it was delicious.

I really want to do this to a tablecloth before my Halloween Hubbies and Puppies dinner party. Where can I find a cheap white tablecloth folks? Or should I just buy some linen/cotton fabric?

After my high school reunion a couple weeks ago, I started looking through peoples facebook pics and the like to see what everyone’s up to (aka facebook stalking). And I’ve been reconnected to a girlfriend Jessie for a couple months now. She’s in LA, doing the movie production thang that she’s always wanted to be doing, and she just came out with one that has gotten so much press/acclaim for what it is, I figured I had to share! She wrote a comedy (yes you read that right, comedy) about her rape in college. “Meet my Rapist” is really poignant and well done, and probably a very appropriate way for such a funny person to say adios to those feelings that traveled with her for a long time. It’s pretty powerful and yet bizarre. Check it out.

5-minute-face-makeup-tutorialLast but certainly not least, one for the ladies (or gents who wear makeup). How to get made up in 5 minutes.  In addition to being semi-obsessed with this girls beautiful hair, I think it’s always helpful to pick up some new tricks and tips about clean and simple makeup (which I’m generally a fan of). This is a super easy day-to-day look from the blog Once Wed (another high school peer’s blog!!), so check it out.

Did you miss the hot topics last week? Check them out here!


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