Easy Earring Update

So I got these teeny-tiny heart earrings for like $3 from Urban Outfitters over the summer and I loved how simple they were (and how cheap).

But then…I never wore them. I think the “tarnished silver” color didn’t really work for me and while I didn’t regret my purchase, I knew they needed a little update. And I’ve always loved turquoise, so I figured, I’ll just paint them with nail polish!

And I was hoping to use a cork or something to stick the earrings in while I painted so they’d stand up, and I didn’t have one. So I used a dog treat. Weird? Maybe. Oh great…now you’re all really seeing who runs my house since I’ve now got another post where I’m apologizing to my dog for using his things. Don’t worry, I gave him the treat once the earrings has dried.

Earring Update




Simple and pretty. From tarnished silver to turquoise. Voila!


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