Eeek! Pillows!

I was debating for some time about whether a post like this was TMI, but after realizing that there is no-way (PLEASE let there be no way) that I am the only one who has this problem, I figured I’d put something really gross and personal on the blog to kick off the week.

And since it’s October, be prepared to be scared. Or just really grossed out. Here goes: some of our pillows look like this.

IMG_6701[1]And this.

yellow pillow

I am not alone right? Pillows turn yellow and it is so gross. Every time we wash the sheets and pillowcases (which is pretty often because it’s all white), I look at these nasty pillows and shiver. Cue Ernest Goes to Camp clip now.

And normally I end up just throwing them away and buying new ones. I’m not an expensive-pillow-buyer, so usually they’re $5-10 from Target, and I just throw the yellow ones out. But this weekend I looked at the tags and noticed that they’re washable. So I figured, what the heck, I’ll wash them. If it doesn’t work out, or if it ruins the pillows, I’ll just buy new ones like I always do anyways. And OMG…it worked! They’re like 95% all white again (and even more fluffy)! Here it is folks, the secret recipe.

Before and After PillowsSo what did I use?

How To

Step One: Assemble Dream Team–detergent, Bleach, and Baking Soda.

Step Two: Fill Washer with HOT water all the way. Add detergent (1 c.), bleach (3/4 c.) and baking soda (1/2 c).

Step Three: Add pillows. (Use a stick to jam them in there if you need to).

Step Four: Run complete wash cycle and make sure you add an extra rinse cycle (I do this anytime I use bleach).

Step Five: Put Pillows in the dryer with a couple tennis balls (I put mine in socks because they literally came from the backyard…Colonel Mustard probably wasn’t happy that I stole his balls…no pun intended). Run the dryer for about 75 minutes.

Step Six: Admire your white pillows!

white pillow

I am so glad this worked! The bottom pillow still had a light yellowish tone, but it was soooo much better! Now everyone go home and do this, because I know your pillows are yellow too.


11 thoughts on “Eeek! Pillows!

  1. when pillows get that bad, I interpret that as their time to retire in a landfill. There is one pillow, though, I can’t part with. I’ve mushed it in all the right ways. I’ll try this when it gets gnarly.

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