FREE Halloween Cards

I love Halloween. It is borderline-one-of-my-favorite-holidays. Sure, I really love Thanksgiving and Christmas for the food and family time, but there is something about Halloween that is just super fun and nostalgic. I think ever since my sister Liz and I used to stay up on Saturday nights to watch SNICK and ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’, I’ve had a thing for the “creepy and weird”.

Growing up I read almost every Goosebumps book and a lot of R.L.Stine too. And I trick-or-treated all the way through high school (yeah, we were those people, sorry neighbors). I’ll never forget the year that my big sister Liz had an appendicitis ON HALLOWEEN and our trick-or-treating got cut short. Damn appendix. I was of course really glad she was safe and okay, but I remember being so jealous (stereotypical middle sister here) when she got tons of gifts and balloons and I felt…jipped. Of course looking back now, that was totally ridiculous of me since she had to have surgery which is not fun at all, but I was totally jealous.

I digress, I love Halloween. I love the candy. I love Hocus Pocus. I love scary movies. I love dressing up. I just love it all. So this year, I’m gonna continue our ‘Puppies and Hubbies’ monthly dinner party theme, but it’ll be a Halloween Party.

So to be fancy, I went online to my favorite E-Card website Paperless Post and quickly designed a FREE invitation, which just makes it so much more fun and formal in days when a text could have gotten everyone together just as easily.


Here’s the one I chose, not filled in of course (can’t let the world know where I live). Oh and I changed it from “rager” to “party” because um, I don’t think a dinner party is a rager.

And here are some other ones that I almost chose. Love these!












Pretty great, right? I also did my Holiday cards through Paperless Post last year which was really fun and totally hard to narrow down. So host a holiday party and send some FREE cards!Oh and have a great weekend y’all!



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