Worth Sharing

A couple things to share with you kind people. Some fun. Some informative. All worth clicking. All things I’m enjoying right now…and all SFW.

links to share

  1. First, this link of “A Comprehensive Guide to Gang Signs” is great for all social workers and police officers alike. And actually all people regardless of your career. Gotta stay safe and whatever.
  2. Second, from reading this blog, surely you know by now that I’m obsessed with my dog. Aren’t we all. And it turns out, dogs have more in common with us humans than we may have once thought. YES!
  3. You know what else I love? Soup. Especially this time of year. So whats on the kitchen-agenda in the near future? This Vegetarian Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili with avocado. C’mon over. I’m making cornbread too.
  4. Looking for a new CD? Well, being from the south and all, I’m a big lover of country. Sure, some “pop country” graces my Pandora, but usually I opt for the twangy bluegrass and honky-tonk tunes that were playing on front porches in southern mountain towns. I love Emmylou Harris and Patsy Cline–which I think I got from my mama. And if you’re also into that sort of thing, there’s a new artist (and new album) on the horizon. Kristina Murray and the Two Hearted Jones. And they kind of blow me away and take me on a time warp, in a good way. Album drops early November. I’ll letcha know.
  5. Lastly, after I finished up the Bible, I quickly grabbed a “no-brainer” book. And right now I’m reading Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, which is the sequel to The Shining. That’s right, Danny Torrence all grown up. I love Stephen King on audiobook because he tends to be…ahem…long winded, so it’s perfect for dog walks and road trips. Plus so far this one is really really good.

So, what news do you have to share? Did you hear that our fav DIY bloggers John and Sherry are preggers? Did you see that Emily Henderson is giving away a free makeover? What other good links should be shared?


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