Why Didn’t I Invent That.

Can we all just take a moment to be inspired and awed? By what you’re asking?


frico grilled cheese

Smitten Kitchen is killing it today with her Inside and Inside Out Grilled Cheese (Frico Grilled Cheese)

there's butter and cheddar and melting

things get ugly and delicious

Why hadn’t I thought of this?! You didn’t either, did you?! Didn’t think so. We all know the melted cheese that sticks to the pan or cookie sheet is the best part. Thank you Smitten Kitchen, for making my day a little better.  I know what’s for dinner tonight. Crispy, melty, delicious grilled cheese. Served with tomato soup of course.

Tomato Soup for Hannahs birthday

All cheesy delicious pics are from Smitten Kitchen.

Soup is from here.


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