1st Blogiversary

Wow! can’t believe I’ve made it a year. Remember when it all started off on blogger and quickly switched to wordpress? And I’ve spent a year finding my voice and figuring out what the heck I want to talk about here–which turns out to be a little bit of everything that’s in my head. Thanks for reading, y’all. Probably wouldn’t have kept on if I was only getting 2 views a day (from Chris and Mike), so thank you all for reading and checking in with me. It’s been fun, can’t wait to see where it continues!

blog 1st


original photo from here


2 thoughts on “1st Blogiversary

  1. Trying to half-love and half-troll your blog has truly been an honor and a pleasure. Thanks for not deleting any of my ridiculous comments. Chris, you’re going DOWN on LYBI year two!! Ima be da numbah one fanskis!

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