One Year Ago…

A year ago when I started this blog (one year tomorrow) I had no idea where I was headed. That’s how most blogs start out, right? I had issued a challenge for myself that I thought I could write about for a year with smatterings of life events as well. A lifestyle blog.

My self-challenge? To read the Bible in a year. If you know me, you know that in addition to being married to an Episcopal priest, I am super competitive and love a challenge. And the Bible is on the list of top 50 or 100 books everyone should read, so I figured “why not”. And this morning, I finished it.

I took time out of almost every day in the past year to read the Bible. And as I’ve said, usually I listened to the Bible. So I guess you could say “I listened to the entire Bible in a year”. Is that different than reading (audio book versus hard copy)–this can be debated amongst yourselves–I don’t really care one way or the other. But since I consider myself a lover of audio books and I “read” a lot via my Audibles account, I say yes, I read the Bible.

What was hard? Realizing that it doesn’t read like a story like I wanted it to. Realizing that after listening to some parts over and over, it still didn’t really make sense. Making it part of my almost-daily routine, that wasn’t always easy.

What I enjoyed? About 6 months in, I felt like, “holy crap! I’m actually doing this!” It wasn’t always inspirational, or clear, but I definitely remember certain parts now that I’ll hang onto. It didn’t make everything wonderful in my life like it did for this guy, but often I found myself thinking differently about situations…or bringing up questions and verses on David and I’s evening walks. Note to readers: marry a priest or have one on speed-dial when you read the Bible in a year. You’ll have a lot of questions.

There were a lot of times where I was like,

“wait they did what?! To who?” or…

“Have you read this? This stuff is absurdly crazy!” and…

“I can’t believe people still believe this literally–that must be a real challenge for them and the way they interact with the world around them, right?!”

And there were a lot of other times when I just thought to myself,

Literally it’s all about love. Unconditional love. That’s the secret. That’s what it’s all about. Just like any relationship. If you’re religious, or spiritual, or in touch with any sort of “higher power”, it’s all about love. It’s simple really. But if you want to see some real struggles and stories play out, then read the Bible to see for yourself. Or if you’re not interested, that’s fine too. Just take my word for it. I pretty much know everything about everything now that I read the Bible. You can believe whatever I say from here on out.

Wanna see where it all started? Click here. (I’ve come so far, ha!)


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