Announcement Time

Did I get you all excited????

Nope, no new dogs or babies on the way here. Instead I have a different announcement that’s cool for me and could be cool for you too. Don’t get your hopes all down in the dumps–this is really cool.

A Beautiful Mess has been offering blogging E-Courses for a while now and I’m officially signing up for my first one. Does this mean my blog will go past it’s first birthday which is next week…nbd…cough…I want a birthday party…cough. Perhaps. But when it comes to blogging, I have a lot to learn (I think we’d all agree), and so I’m signing up for a class. Making it more official.

Plus, they’re e-courses are pretty cheap. ANNNNNNNND there’s a coupon code for 25% off (save money too by entering HAPPYAUTUMN at checkout THRU OCT 1st). So why not, right? Let’s keep this blog thing here going for a while. See what happens.

The course pictured above is the one I’m going to take (comes with a printable PDF too–love that.) And b-t-dubs, there are tons on non-blog related e-courses like the ones below– Check them all out here.


So which ones are you interested in? I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.


3 thoughts on “Announcement Time

  1. oh man…it’s just that time in our lives when our friends announce pregnancies. I was bracing myself. I was prepared to fuss at you since you wouldn’t be able to partyparty in Asheville. This is fun news, though!

  2. So, how was it?? I´m thinking maybe I should take it. I´m starting a blog, but I don´t know anything about it. Would you recommend this one?

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