Taking Stock

In case you don’t know me yet, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis. And if you don’t know me yet, you’re about to know me more. In my blog reading, I’ve seen this thing lately which reminded me of the chain emails you used to get where you’d fill out a bunch of information about yourself. You remember them, right? Favorite Ice Cream flavor? Favorite Sports Team? Favorite Boy? And then you’d strategically email it to everyone you knew, especially that boy, and then hope that they’d do it also and email it back to you and you would be his favorite too? Right?

Well there’s a more modern version of it going around in the blog-world called Taking Stock. And it’s way more simple and mature if I do say so myself. So here it is, my simple “Taking Stock” list. Maybe I’ll look back in a year and change all my answers totally. Maybe not. All you do? Look at the list of words below and fill in what comes to mind. Take stock of where you’re life is now. In this minute, year, season…whatever. There aren’t rules.

blank paper

Taking Stock:

Making : plans to see my brother in law’s new place this weekend.
Cooking : the last of my summer goodies. Using corn and peaches as much as possible in the next few weeks…
Drinking : Tequila and Tonic has been my DOTS (Drink of the Summer). I need a fall concoction like last years.
Reading: A Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon. David told me it was his favorite book growing up. But he doesn’t remember what it’s about. So far, it’s pretty “Stand by Me”-esque.
Wanting: A piano in our house.
Looking: forward to the JCREW super-secret outlet-style sale outside of Asheville this weekend. Rumor has it you can buy 10+ items and spend $100. We’ll probably be in line by 6am.
Playing: Cards on the front porch with a glass of wine now that it’s cooling off in the evenings.
Wasting: time wishing that I was a good gardener or plant-keeper. I’m just not.
Sewing: nothing.
Wishing: That Colonel Mustard (our dog) had a brother puppy. But it’s just not practical right now.
Enjoying: Watching Breaking Bad with David every Sunday night and trying hard to get Aaron Paul to retweet us.  It’s pathetic.
Waiting: For boots weather.
Liking: That David and I made up an imaginary friend for Colonel. His name’s Fregley. Yes, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid. (hey, sometimes after 9 years together you run out of things to talk about on our daily dog walks)
Wondering: What my life will look like a year from now.
Loving: All the awesome things I’m learning at my new job.
That some major changes occur in our world. Peace, equality…things that shouldn’t be dreams.
Marveling: At how great my life really is.
Needing: To spend more time with my family.
Smelling: Is this a trick question? I’d LIKE to be smelling the clean mountain air up at the lake house. Or fresh cilantro bring chopped up.
Wearing: My Zara leopard flats.
Following: In the steps of my mom, hopefully. (ya know, not exactly, but that’d be ideal).
Noticing: how short life is and how much of it I just want to spend with friends and family, not worrying about anything else but “what’s for dinner”, “what kind of chocolate dessert” and  “whose bringing the prosecco”?
Knowing: That I’m not a good phone-friend. I need to get better at calling people. (If you’re reading this and thinking, “yep”…I know.)
Thinking: About buying fake glasses when I should probably just listen to my grandma’s advice when I told her that I wanted to do that: “Find something better to do with your time”.
Feeling: like I need some new porch-mix CD’s.
Bookmarking: Ideas for fall booties and bright fall sweaters.
Opening: bills…bills…bills…
Giggling: about the fact that I told you all about Fregley. We’re weird.
Feeling: happy and comfortable.

Here’s a blank list if you feel like doing it too. C’mon…peer pressure…

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :


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3 thoughts on “Taking Stock

  1. Love this! Just did mine, I’ll send it to you. Also, thanks for calling the other day; I’m also a bad phone friend, partly because my phone is broken half the time. ALSO! I made you a porch mix yesterday! How crazy is that?!
    love you.

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