20 Dresses UNDER $50

Picture this: Braves Baseball is on TV, David is next to me watching and probably playing chess on his phone, and I’m on my laptop. Dog at my feet. Shopping online.  People can lie and say they go out and grab drinks with friends or catch a movie each weeknight, but that just isn’t true. We sit at home and peruse the internet. Do I always buy things? Heck no (we’d be in big trouble). But man do I love adding to my cart or wishlist. Especially with places that let you keep items in your cart forever (thank you Piperlime) so you can stalk watch those items to see if they go on sale.

And like I’ve mentioned before, I have a couple weddings coming up and I love finding new pieces to wear. But a new dress or a dress that everyone hasn’t seen 100 times means that I can’t spend a lot. So I put together this little list of contenders. And figured, what the heck, I’ll share it with everyone so that they can buy affordable dresses too! Some of these are on super sale and some are just cheap but well made! (*make sure you check fabrics and things like that to be sure you’re not buying crap). So let’s get to it!

20 Dresses Under 50 Title PicSo I gave myself a $50 limit (unless it was like $52 or something, and I shopped. So here ya go folks! Buy away! There are some amazing steals here, particularly if you are the guest at an upcoming wedding! If y’all enjoy this, maybe I’ll do a $100 one too. This is fun. (PS: Some of the exact dresses I’m showing have sold out, so I’ll link to close items from the same retailer and in the same price range).

Reds, Pinks & Oranges

20 under 50 reds and pinks

1.Zara 2. Asos 3. Piperlime 4. Topshop 5. Piperlime

Prints and Stripes

Prints for 20 under 50

1. Piperlime 2. Piperlime 3. Piperlime 4. Bloomingdales

Greens and Emeralds

Green Dresses 20 under 50

1. Zara 2. Bloomingdales 3. Asos

Solid Colors

Simple Solids for 20 under 50

1. Asos 2. Piperlime 3. Modcloth/Shopbop

Black and White

Black Dresses 20 under 50

1. Asos 2. Free People 3. Piperlime 4. Piperlime 5. Piperlime

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. Did you get some ideas? Remember, if the link takes you to a page with lots of dresses, they should all be within the $50 budget and similar in style to the one pictured. Guess you gotta snatch up these deals quickly! Which ones are your favs? I love that patterened peplum right above, the striped Bloomingdales and the Red Zara with the deep V.


9 thoughts on “20 Dresses UNDER $50

  1. My dress for LQ’s wedding is emerald with gold accents! AND…it was $15. 🙂 How about an jewelry post? I need some ideas for this dress for the wedding, to make the dress more elegant and formal; probably gonna do either big gold and “diamond” earrings with gold bangles or small gold/”diamond” studs with a big or small necklace. Gonna make a trip to Francesca’s or Charming Charlies this weekend!

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