Lacking Curb Appeal

It’s no secret that we love our house. It’s big enough for us (probably a little too big), but it’s given us space to grow. It’s funny how when we moved to SC, we had one medium-sized Uhaul. That’s it. And it wasn’t totally full–it was pretty full, but not jam-packed. And now I look around our house and think, “man–we have acquired a LOT more stuff. Furniture mostly, but wow. Anyways though, there’s been one sticking point since we first picked our house.

It has terrible curb appeal.Okay, that’s not true. It could be worse. But I’m not a HUGE fan of red brick. In fact, I tend to prefer painted brick 9 times out of 10. photo 1 photo 2

So as renters, WHAT CAN WE DO?

-decorate–update the outdoor furniture to make it prettier from the road.

-update the plants on the porch (aka add plants)

-maybe hang some art or an herb garden or something on that big blank wall?

-landscape the trees/bushes around the house

If I wasn’t a renter, the first thing I’d do is pull down that aluminum awning thing. It is awful and really dates the house. I get it, it serves a purpose of shade. But I’m a huge fan of natural light, but come on. It’s got-ta-go. Seriously, look at the pic and envision it gone. Then we’ve got a landscaping problem, and not a house problem, RIGHT? How do I work with that thing?

Any other suggestions? I’d love to hear your ideas! And who knows? Maybe I can pitch some to our home-owner and she’ll let us tear that thing down (because we can all agree it’s u-g-l-y, right?



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