Casual Work Week

Like many of you may have read, about a month or so ago, I started a new job. In addition to amazing hours and a sweet office, I also get to be more casual than my previous job. Sure, on days when you need to be more presentable, you dress it up. Throw on a blazer over that dress. But most days, I get to dress more comfortably, and that is awesome. So what have I been putting together?

black and white at work

White Gap skinny jeans, Zara sandals, Loft Spotted Blazer, Zara Black Tank

Zara Leopard flats, Black H&M Jeans, Loft over-sized blouse/tunic

jeans at work 

Zara leopard flats, Urban Outfitters BDG Jeans, White Tank/blouse from Loft, and Black Banana Republic Blazer

Teal Gaimo Espadrillas, Urban Outfitters BDG Jeans, Loft Short sleeve sweater, Forever 21 Army Jacket

For more detailed outfit info or links, leave a comment and I’ll link the items. Happy Monday!


7 thoughts on “Casual Work Week

      • Um, if I didn’t CARE, why would I be posting and commenting FIRST about things that are relevant to your blogsies! Also, aren’t I supposed to stop wearing white after Labor Day?

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