Wedding Party

Yep, folks. I’m at that special time in my life. My twenties. And everyone and their dogs are getting married. Have you ever seen dogs get married? Me neither. But Colonel and Annie may have it coming.

I digress. I joined the wedding club in 2010 when I got married, and since then, I regularly attend around 3-7 weddings each year. Don’t you think people in their 20’s should get extra vacation days for all these weddings? They’re basically holidays, right? The only thing that doesn’t make a wedding a holiday is that holidays don’t have special apps. And weddings do. (Like what I did there?)

My friend Lauren is getting married at the end of the month and about a month ago, I got an email inviting me to download ‘Wedding Party’. What is this awesomeness, I thought? Then I downloaded it.

And thought…AWESOMENESS!

Wedding Party is a FREE app for you and your guests to share all your wedding pics (and engagement party pics, bachelor/bachelorette party pics–or not…) and store them in one spot. It’s kind of like coming up with an #instagramhashtag for your wedding, but even more cool because you could post pics from the engagement all the way through the honeymoon in one place, and that would be quite the hashtag if you tried to do an entire wedding-season one. Don’t annoy your instagram followers…just put it all here instead!

photo 1There it is (above), ain’t it cute?

photo 2

photo 3Choose who you are so it knows how to direct you…

photo 4And bam! Get started sharing! Easy as pie!

photo 5I can’t wait to start using this! Plus if you’re single and ready to mingle, you could “meet other guests” and see who that cute guy is that you want to dance with but you don’t know if he’s with a date or if he’s a cousin, ya know? Find out via this app! Anyone else used it? What’s your experience? Love? Hate? I wish all my friends were on their phones during my wedding snapping awesome candid shots of me doin’ my thang, don’t you? It’s even endorsed by A Beautiful Mess, so you know it’s cool.


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