Fall Booties

I know, I know, it’s not even Labor Day yet. So I guess, yes, it’s still summer. And don’t get me wrong. I love summer. Mostly because I get to travel all over the place. But without a doubt, my favorite season is fall. And I’m not even a football fan per se. I think it is because it’s porch weather. Porch and a book and a blanket and a snuggly dog weather. Or a glass of wine and a card game on the porch with your husband kind of weather. Summer is great, if you’re near a body of water. But fall is just…great,. The bugs have died. Side bar about bugs–I’m convinced cicada’s are alien-life-forms sent here to spy on us from another planet. That’s how creepy they are. And the shells left behind? So strange.

But anyways, back to fall. The leaves change. You can wear big sweaters and light jackets and jeans. Yep. I can’t wait for that. Ah…. So here’s what is most exciting about fall this season. Booties. They’ve returned from last season, thank goodness, and they’re better than before. Flat or heeled. Paired with a dress and tights or skinny jeans and a baggy tee shirt. It’s almost bootie time (not in a dirty way), and I can’t wait.

Fall Leather Booties 11. Lazio Wedge Boot via Isabel Marant (Net-a-Porter) 

2. Block Heel Leather Ankle Boot via Zara $159

3. Open Combination Leather Ankle Boot via Zara $99

4, Floral Lace Up Booties via Forever 21 $32.80

Fall Leather Booties 2

1. Isoke Booties via Anthropologie $188

2. The Billie Boot via Madewell $228

3. Classic Newbury Metallic Crinkle Leather Ankle Boots via Rag and Bone $550

4. Stacked Heel Ankle Boot via No.6 Clothing Collection via Unknown 

I’m yearning for a brown pair like the Billie Boot, and the navy ones from Anthro…LOVE. I’ll wait for the sale…?


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