Pretty Paper: Featuring Rifle Paper Co.

Kids love paper. They collect different colors, different textures,  paper with patterns, paper with scalloped edges, cards, stationary, mini cards…all of the above. Since I was little I’ve always liked stationary. (I know one of my best friends Jess is totally with me on this one). That love has followed me into adulthood and I’d be lying if I said I picked out cards for David based on HIS tastes. Normally, I buy really lovely cards for him so that I can hang them up or use them for something else later. Hey, a blog can be a place for confessions right? No use in buying an ugly card, right?

So I figured I’d feature a paper company that I’ve been stalking perusing for a while now. Particularly since Target featured a lot of their items recently, most of which I purchased.  Let me introduce you to Rifle Paper Co. and some of my favorites from them.

rifle favs


From Target, set of 3 notebooks. So pretty. $12

2014 Secret Garden Calendar

2014 Secret Garden Calendar $24

You Can Can Do It Card

You Can Can do it Cards Box of 8 $18

Great Dane Card

Great Dane Card Boxed Set of 8 $18

They even have iPhone cases! I want all of them. They’re affordable between $24-$36

Gold Stripes iPhone 4 Case - SLIMForest Flowers iPhone 5 Case - SLIM

Leopard iPhone 5 Case - SLIMSpanish Rose iPhone 5 Case - SLIM

And the three prints below I really want to hang together in my bathroom/closet room (hint hint family/husband) are each $24

Comb PrintHairbrush PrintBobby Pins Print

They also have kitchen towels, gift wrap, they do wedding invitations (!!), regular event invitations, and MORE! Go buy their stuff, it is amazingly awesome. If you’re into stationary and fonts and things of the sort, you’ll love it. Also, make sure you check out the prints they do for couples (which I saw over at Oh Joy! when they were featured in Better Homes and Gardens. Read the whole thing here and check out the Rifle and Co. prints in the spread–to the left of the bedroom picture.) So sweet.


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