Okay, you’ve heard me talk about Jawbone’s UP band here and after having it for about 6 months, I’ve got one major thing that I think Jawbone needs to think about.

It’s ugly.

There, I said it. Like most sport watches/bracelets, it ain’t pretty. They aren’t the type accessory that you want to wear to a wedding or party–or to a luncheon or to work sometimes, but all summer I’ve worn it (even during weddings and parties) because I knew I’d be dancing (aka gaining a lot of steps) like this…

oh wait, he’s not stepping. So maybe I was dancing like this.

47 Of Beyonc�'s Absolute Best Dance Moves

Yeah, that’s more like it. But anyways, it is annoying to wear it when you’re dressed cute, ya know? Even on work days–it just isn’t a matching accessory with anything, and so I had an idea.

UP Covers. Yep. A bracelet-type cover for your UP Band that clips around it or maybe you slide your UP band into it (newer UP models are surely in the works–maybe they could be more flexible so this could work) so that you can hide it when you want, but you can have it in its regular form when you’re working out, walking the dog, at yoga, whatever…

I’m thinking something in gold and silver (I’d buy both), that you can attach your UP Band to, so that it’s hidden when you want it to blend in. I’m sure the marketing team at Jawbone doesn’t want to hide their product. But it doesn’t have to be hidden if the “cover” is made by Jawbone also. I think it’s genius and I’ll go on record that it’s my idea right here and now. Maybe this is only a girl problem? Guys, whatcha think? Wouldn’t you want a way to wear your UP band 24/7 without it being so obvious. I thought black would be the best bet, but it still isn’t cute. It’s annoying and makes me not want to wear it when I dress up. But if people complement my bracelet/UP Cover, I could say, “look–check this out! This bracelet hides my pedometer/activity tracker so I can still wear it, but not look all athletic-in-a-dress”! Then friends would all be like, “OMG. Shut UP. I have to get an UP band because they’re the only ones that do that!” Or they’ll just get a FITBIT because they can be hidden.

Here’s what I’m thinking. Maybe like this? Or just a plan bangle? C’mon Jawbone team, you know I’ve got a good idea.


Thoughts? Any UP wearers agree?


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