My Cart is Full

Not to be confused with my Heart is Full, like from this post. This is going to be your best Monday if you didn’t already know this NEWS.

Guess what happened this summer when I wasn’t paying attention? OH.NBD. JUST.ONE.OF.MY.FAV.STORES.WENT.ONLINE.FINALLY.


That’s right y’all. H&M FINALLY launched online shopping for the US! They’re the second largest clothing retailer in the country and it’s about darn time they went online!  Note to Mom: Christmas lists are in the making.

The “catch” or reason it took so long to get moving? Returns and shipping evidently. So here’s the solution.

“H&M’s solution to the online shopping puzzle is pretty simple. The company is charging a flat $5.95 shipping fee, no matter how many items you order, and you’ll have 30 days to return items. Customers have to pay a $5.95 flat shipping fee for a prepaid return label, and there’s no option to bring items into local stores for exchange or credit.”

I’m totally fine with all that and am ecstatic about this news. Happy Monday, you’re welcome for making it great. Oh and hey–unrelated note, but you’ll see to the right side a box that say’s Bloglovin’…you should follow me there and any other blogs you read. It let’s you read them all in one place and it’s pretty amazing. I read about 10-20 blogs pretty regularly, so it’s nice that they’re all there so I can access it when there’s new content. So click on over there and follow moi 🙂



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