Just Some Backpacking Real Quick

Summer is winding down and I am fixing to start my new job. But in true ‘David and Beano’ fashion, we are squeezing as much time, travel and fun out of this summer. So where did that take us this week?

Just a little big/long/tough backpacking trip, of course.







We hiked a little over 19 miles on the AT. Original plan was to do the 19ish miles in 3 days/2 nights out. We’d hike from Lemon Gap, NC to Standing Bear Hostel, TN. The plan was to do about 6 or so miles/day, but the first day we were energized and ending up doing 9. Waking up day 2, with 10 miles left, and really no good camping/water until after doing at least another 7-8 miles, we just decided to do all 10 remaining miles the next day. Forecast was bad and we knew if we stayed another night, it would be in the rain (aka it would have been a really boring night spent in our individual tents with no fire). So we booked it again and finished up, DRENCHED, around 4:00.

Our friend Brad lives in East TN and when he suggested we all come back to his house and finish out our trip there, we were all very grateful and excited! Cold beers and good company were the perfect ending to our backpacking trip.

Oh, and have you ever wondered how good for you hiking is? Yep-this is why David and I wear those UP bands on our wrists. Check it.



That’s why you’re allowed to eat mashed potatoes, grits, ramen and bagels when you backpack. You need it! And for the record, I am more sore than I’ve ever been in a long time–which we all know is a good and bad feeling–good bc you got a great workout, bad because I’m walking like a little granny.

And for the dog lovers who read, this was Colonel Mustards first backpacking trip. And thanks to some tips from friends (thanks Whit and Lani), he did awesome! He is still exhausted and he probably will be for 2 more days. We were worried about how he’d do in the tent (with noises and animals and whatnot) but he was exhausted and was too tired to bark or move. And he loved the hiking and creek swimming. He carried his own food and some other little things, and overall, he was great–total trooper.



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