Camping Essential: Trail Mix

I know I should consult with my friend and trail mix junkie Britt, before I make my own, but that’s what’s on the agenda. We’re going camping soon, so I need a lightweight and protein-packed trail mix. Growing up, we always just did raisins, peanuts and m&m’s…true GORP. But, I don’t care for raisins unless they’re mixed with enough other things that I can’t really taste them. So, here are some of the options on the menu.

Trail Mix Ideas:

Eating Bird Food’s Naked Raw Trail Mix –picture from Eating Bird Food


Eating Bird Food’s Pumpkin Spice Trail Mix— Picture from Eating Bird Food


Smitten Kitchen’s Granola Bars–Picture from Smitten Kitchen


And lastly, for the coconut lovers like myself…Coconut Trail Mix from Whole Living


What other camping essentials do y’all have besides trail mix? We’re also bringing the lovely Colonel Mustard for the first time, so any tips you have about camping with a dog would be welcome in the comments! Growing up, we did A LOT of camping and “cabin-ing”, so we have almost everything we need. Once I make trail mix.

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7 thoughts on “Camping Essential: Trail Mix

  1. Aside from Jerkey and trail mix I like to bring a few GoPicnics. I take them out of the box so they pack smaller. Groupon has a deal for them right now 🙂

  2. You know me so well! I highly recommend making trail mix or calling your mom and having her make you some of her chex mix). I know you said that she just makes the original recipe, but I think she must secretly add something to it. It’s so good! 🙂

    Both recipes of mine you posted would be great picks. There’s also this lentil trail mix, which is different and tasty. I’ve made it before and really liked it.

    • I think my moms would get too crunched up! She uses butter and worstershire (sp?) to make them stick together so well–love to get the clumps 🙂

      Thanks for the ideas, little birdy! Xoxo

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