Leather Anniversary Part 1

No, this isn’t a weird 50 Shades of something “Leather” post. I’m weird, but not that weird, c’mon y’all.

Instead, this is a upcoming-third-anniversary post. David and I are about to celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary, and with our first, we decided to try and keep up with the traditional gift ideas (there is also a Modern List, but I like trying to be creative with the Traditional).

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Check out this Gifts By Year List (Traditional and Modern).

So, in Part One of this post, let’s talk about ‘What to Get Him’.

leather titleLeather is super awesome and timeless, so I’ve tried to give some gift ideas that would last for a long time, just like your marriage. And my marriage.

leather 1

j.crew Leather Dopp Kit // Brera Orologi Leather Watch

Becket Simonon Leather Chukkas // j.crew Leather Satchel

leather 2

Il Bisonte Leather Flask // Hickoree’s Leather Key Holder // Leather iPad Sleeve

leather 3

Anthropologie Leather Journal // Gent Supply Co. Leather Adventure Duffel // Bey Berk Leather Bar Set 

Which ones are your favorite? Dudes? Now’s your chance. Tell your ladies what you like.

David, which ones are YOUR favorite?

Ps: If you’re like me and checking out some of these price tags and passing out– trust me, you can find a lot of these things cheaper than the ones I’ve pictured. I just picked really pretty things. But you can find things that are just as pretty for half the price. TRUST.


8 thoughts on “Leather Anniversary Part 1

  1. Q: “David, which ones are YOUR favorite?”

    A: Yes.

    As in — I like a lot of these. Leather key ring, leather dop kit, leather flask, bar set…lots of this stuff looks cool.

  2. I love the leather dop kit – Trey got one for christmas a few years ago and he uses it constantly. It’s gotten prettier and more unique over time – great gift!!! Ahhh 3 years flies, doesn’t it?! Congrats!!!

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