Printing is Possible!

I recently read a complaint somewhere about Instagram because it’s great for viewing and all, but what if you want to print your pics? Or view them larger? I’ve also heard this on another blog that I read so I felt it was my duty to dispel this myth. YOU CAN PRINT INSTAGRAM PICS…AND YOU SHOULD! For gifts, for yourself, for your walls…do it!

A lot more people (I think—at least based on Twitter Followers) know about INK361 where you can “create beautiful photo prints and more from your own photos”…but there is more. But first, the oldie but goodie.

Introducing INK361


**UPDATE: INK361 has graciously provided a coupon code HSTW5 for 30% off**

Most of these options are pretty affordable, ranging from $0.50 to $65.00 depending on if you want one little print or if you want a 20×20 print on canvas. Still cheap for art. It’s the basics but I love that they have iPhone cases. That is cool.

But wait! There is another newer option–with far fewer Twitter followers–so spread the word about little ol’!

Introducing Printstagram





print5 is a smidge cheaper and has stickers! How fun is that?! And miniature photo books! You know how I love miniature things. They would be super fun coffee table “books” or even baby books since so many people fill Instagram with baby pics (or dog pics if you’re me). Like do the whole Petersik thing of taking a monthly baby pic…put it in a mini-book, and there you have it, tiny baby in a tiny book. How cute is that?

All images are from the INK361 website and the website, including the embedded

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