What to Wear: Road Warrior

Summers for me are always full of road-trips and travel–which is part of the reason summer is so awesome. If you’ve read for a while, you know I go to NC a lot to go to the lake. I also go to camp a lot, in GA. I also try to get away as often as possible because, well, why not. But there is no reason that when you schlep all your belongings and your dog and two coolers, you can’t do it in style? Am I right?

Yep, it’s time for a What to Wear post: Road Trip Addition.

Like I said, there is no reason that road trips can’t be cute. Think of all the hotties you might see along the way at gas stations, truck stops, and weigh stations. Okay scratch that. But for real, you don’t wanna get where you’re going and be all out-of-sorts, right? Put the yoga pants and flip flops away, ladies.

Option One: Dress and Sandals

roadtrip 1

Obviously the dress needs to be flowy and loose. The worst thing to drive in is tight jeans or a tee shirt that’s too tight and you’re looking down at your tummy rolls the whole three hour trip wondering how you can work out your abs while you sit here… You know you agree! Sunglasses are a necessity and if you’re like me, you’ve got several cheap pairs instead of one or two expensive pairs. Why not? They break all the time and it’s fun to mix it up sometimes.

Option 2: Shorts and Tee

roadtrip 2

Okay, jean shorts are only okay if they’re loose enough to be comfy. For me, high-waisted shorts are really cute, but not practical for road trips. So pick that comfy pair of cut offs that almost are too big, since they won’t squeeze in all the wrong places. Accessories–keep it simple and basic. Wooden beads are a personal fav.  Shoes obviously need to be easy to put on and off because if you’re like me and you drink 1500 gallons of water, you’ll stop at a lot of rest stops. (Sorry David).

Option 3: Dressed and Ready to Go

roadtrip 3

This little dress has the looseness and flow, but also is a nicer fabric so that when you arrive wherever you’re headed, that’s that! You’re already ready! You could swap your driving flats for a cute wedge and boom, ready to party! Again, sunglasses are crucial.

Got any important must-haves or what-to-wear tips for road trips? Let me know! I may be headed out of town this weekend…hint…lady group reunion?


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