Blog Feature: Daily Struggle Fest

Since it’s Monday and we all may need a little cheer.

So, my sister Liz grew up with a sidekick. Catherine. They’ve always been the Thelma to each other’s Louise and the Romy to the other’s Michele. So basically the Bert and Ernie of friends, but not gay.

And Catherine has a hilarious blog, titled Daily Struggle Fest. She posts good content without over-sharing, well–there may be some over-sharing, but it’s totally worthwhile. And then I saw this list and thought to myself,

self: “everyone should make a list like this.” I also thought, “mine won’t be as funny, so I probably won’t do it”. But anyways, with her consent of course, I’m re-sharing this amazingly hilarious post.

Very Pressing Things I Should Probably Figure Out vs. What I am Actually Trying to Figure Out

Posted on May 30, 2013

A Google Search Reflection

Very Pressing Things I Should Probably Figure Out: 

1. Rent

2. Microsoft Excel

3. What to do for a living/the rest of my life.

4. How to get affordable health insurance.

5. What the deal is with that mole on my back.

6. Am I up for the whole marriage thing?

7. Do I want kids? (from what I hear, they’re selfish, smelly, co-dependent and make terrible roommates).

8. I’ve been driving on a suspended license (for failing to take care of my “fix-it” ticket) for about two months now.

9. That student loan my ex co-signed 8 years ago – so he and his wife can get a better rate on the house they’re trying to buy.

10. The percentage of daily nutrients contained in a Chipotle burrito.

11. Where I last left my debit card.

12. How to get Adderall without a prescription.


Things I am Actually Trying to Figure Out/Most Recent Google Searches:

1. Real age of Kim Zolciak.

2. Storyline of Uncle Jesse from Full House.

3. Where can I get Girl Scout cookies?

4. Cables needed to watch Netflix on my TV.

5. Late-night food delivery in Venice.

6. How to lose weight but not stop drinking.

7. Ex-boyfriend.

8. Ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

9. Why is sour cream so delicious?

10. Whatever happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

11. Andy Milonakis’ Vine.

12. How to get Adderall without a prescription.

Thanks Catherine for letting me share! And hey, if you live in LA, pretty sure she does some comedy that you should check out. How bout that for a little Monday Cheer-up?

Go check out her blog here- Daily Struggle Fest


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