Down with the Whip

Okay, if I see another flag cake on Pinterest I’m going to scream. What’s the deal with all the cool-whip desserts, people? Nothing says America quite like Cool Whip? I don’t think that’s a thing that people say. Marshmallows, strawberries and Blueberries stabbed onto a kebab stick and called “dessert”? No and no.

The worst one I’ve seen–and granted, maybe it’s because I don’t like watermelon very much (unless it’s soaked in vodka and served with mint or basil)– is the new and exciting watermelon cake. What is the deal with that?

Watermelon Cake for the Fourth of July. Making this for our 4th of July pool party tomorrow!

The 4th of July, or for my family growing up, the 3rd of July, meant two things…three really.

1. Cobblers  2. Ribs  3. Fireworks

(and I’ll add Corn and Bean salad for those of us that are vegetarians and don’t indulge in my mom’s delicious ribs).

Here’s what I’m thinking for dessert on the 4th of July. Because I’m american and I eat butter. Cool whip is a bad word in our house. Cool whi…NO. Don’t say it. Live a little people. Workout or take a walk after dinner. Everyone deserves a little slice of pie or cobbler.

Apricot Cherry Galette

Apricot and Cherry Galette.

cooling hand pies

Bourbon Peach Hand Pie via Smitten Kitchen.

biscuits and blueberries

Biscuit and Blueberry Slump via Saveur.

Now tell me you want a strawberry and raw marshmallow on a kebab? Didn’t think so. Happy 3rd of July, friends!


7 thoughts on “Down with the Whip

  1. I gotta say i’m guilty of making flag fruit tarts, etc at work but hey, if people Gunna buy it, i’m Gunna make it! Happy 3rd to the fam! Oh, and I agree about watermelon.

  2. I agree… Cant understand the obsession with cool whip… Americans are ridiculously addicted to processed, foul (in my opinion), unnatural food choices! We need to get back to real foods!

  3. I like watermelon so that cake kind of looks good to me. Although apple pie and ice cream would definitely win if I were choosing which dessert to have.

    And, I use Tru Whip if I make anything that needs Cool Whip. Watergate salad… yum!

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