FREE Green Onions

So, am I the only one who didn’t know this?

Put the end-tips of your green onion in some water (or a shot glass…something small), and put it in a windowsill.

Life: (Re)Growing Green Onions

And that’s it!

They regrow! Like a salamanders tail, right? Was that weird?

Life: (Re)Growing Green Onions UPDATE! by Sanctuary-Studio

There ya go! Free green onions! I’ll never buy these again! I have my own pic but it wasn’t nearly as pretty because I took it when it was rainy outside, so, I used the pics from here.

Happy Monday, y’all. Sorry for the weird short post but hey–sometimes you just need a little tip here and there. So you’re welcome. I hope this tip just made your day! Or if you already knew about it, send me more cool regenerative-food tips please–leave a comment so others can read cool food tips.


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