Throwback Thursday: Now and Then

Yep, I used the famous Instagram hashtag #throwbackthursday on the blog. Why? Because recently I gave David a hard time for never having seen Now and Then (only-the-most-important-movie-of-my-adolescence-where-I-learned-everything-about-everything). So we watched it.

coverI guess it wasn’t as formative for boys during that time as girls, but let me tell you…between 5th and 8th grade, I probably watched this movie 100 times. So yeah, it’s a coming of age story with lots of real life issues. Boys, sex, parents, divorce, friends, etc. Most of which I didn’t understand at the time. But watching it again recently made me go like, “THAT’S WHAT THEY MEANT??!!”


Sure, the “grown up” girls are not nearly as entertaining or realistic (Christina Ricci grows up to be Rosie O’Donnell…give me a break.) But I loved the music. I loved the characters. I loved the 70’s decor. I loved the clothes. Hello jean shorts and vans. Re-watching it brought back so many memories that I figured I’d share in case you never saw it. If you haven’t seen it, a)you’re not my friend anymore and b)you can stop reading if you’re worried about spoilers–there WILL be spoilers. But c’mon, this isn’t the season finale of Breaking Bad or Madmen. It’s a 90’s movie that rocked. So keep reading.

Remember choosing who you were? It was like choosing which Sex in the City character you are, but for 6th graders. For the record, I always wanted to be Roberta because she got to kiss Devon Sawa/AKA one of the Wormer Brothers (he was so cute back then..where is he now?) Watching it as an adult though, I’m not sure I was as cool as Roberta.

Who was who? There was tomboy Roberta who lost her mother and lived with her dad and brothers. She taped her boobs down because she didn’t want them, and I just thought she was such a bad-ass. Then there was Chrissy. Poor Chrissy, ha! She was the naive one of the group, who hadn’t kissed a boy yet because she didn’t want to get pregnant. She was also really whiny and annoying, so there was that. Sam is the intellectual of the group. Parent’s going through a divorce, she’s also the leader of the group seances which I thought was so awesome–c’mon, who didn’t like doing seances with friends? And then there was Teeny. She stuffed her bra with water-balloons and wanted to be a movie star. With parents who were less-than-involved, she wanted to make it to Hollywood and get out of The Gaslight Addition (their neighborhood) forever. Loved her.

And now bringing it all back to life for ya. What’s not to love about growing up in the 70’s…ugh…wish I could have. The clothes and the music were the best. And the set-design in this movie…genius.

now and thenCheck out this decor y’all. Amazing.

David, since we already have a pink bathroom, how about a pink, yellow and orange bedroom? Colonel Mustard would match so well! (i kid…i kid…).


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