C. Wonder-ful

I noticed on Facebook that only 7 of my friends liked the C.Wonder Facebook page. Surely more people (ladies in particular) have heard of C.Wonder, right? Some of their stuff is a little preppier than I normally go for, but most of it is cute AND affordable. And here’s the secret. Mix preppy with not-preppy items and it doesn’t look so…neat.

Like this:

or this.

So when I got this little gem in my email box, you know I was excited. And yes, the rumors are true. C.Wonder was started by Tory Burch’s ex-husband (hence the similar designs I’d assume). I’m not going to enter that debate.

C. Wonder Summer Sale

So here’s a little summer round-up from me to you, via C.Wonder. If your wife or girlfriend or mother has a summer birthday or anniversary or some other gift-giving celebration, check out these items. You won’t regret it.

(ps: all these featured items are part of the SALE so go shopping and don’t feel guilty!)


cwonder jewelry



Shoes, Bags and Accessories

cwonderaccessories accessories

Buy any and all of these items ON SALE at C.Wonder! One week into summer…treat yo’self.


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